Streamline - Skeleton

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3.80 Ounces

Product Description

A unique design in a market full of skeletonized designs. Our dedication to quality in our wood accented accessories is applied just as equally to this new line of products.

This new skeleton style grip offers a streamlined look that will flow into the release of all our upcoming products. All necessary mounting hardware is provided.

  • Machined stippling on the left side helps maintain thumb position, while the right side features a smooth surface, with our logo engraved, to ensure free movement for your trigger finger.
  • A 15 degree grip angle gives a more aggressive position that can improve comfort and control.
  • With the lack of finger grooves on this new release, the front and back texturing on the frame helps to ensure your hand won't move from it's position.​

If you want merely a functional grip, there are great polymer grips out there, but what we are offering is a level of precision, and aesthetics, and superior materials, compared to what comes stock on "out-of-the-box" rifles. Throw out the plastic and throw on some billet aluminum that will be sure to turn heads at the range!


"It is my goal to continue to release products that exceed industry standards." -Kelly Kramer - Owner of Indignant Arms LLC